Seeing a London show is great, from the costume, to the set to the Stage Lighting. London shows are by far one of the most popular things to do when visiting the capital of England, especially for tourists. Some of the teams favourite shows include:

1. Mamma Mia! This musical is one of the feel good sensations of the decade. After the film was released, more and more people wanted to book and see this fabulous show. The show is set in Greece, where the young girl main character is on a quest to find out who is her real dad before her wedding. The songs are really fun and many of the audience members get up to dance!

2. Jersey Boys. This is a great show with all of the songs from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It details their rise to fame and their subsequent fall. This is one for the adults as there is quite a bit of swearing, but still an exciting show to attend and with great acoustics. The favourite parts are where the mimic old footage of the real Frankie Valli on the big screen.

3. Catz. This comes on and off of the West end but is always a show stopper. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s take on T.S Elliot’s feline poems make for great songs and fantastic costumes, with every character covered in mesmerising make up. The revolving stage is also very fun to see and an example of Stage Engineering at its best, and the way the cats mingle around the audience makes it interactive and innovative, too.

4. Grease. The film was a classic hit and the stage production is no exception. The script for the stage differs slightly to the film, so you can really enjoy the slightly different take on the story. There are also a few songs which don’t appear in the film. This is a great hit for all the family!

5. We Will Rock You. The Queen sensation swept the stage and gave the audiences a futuristic storyline with some iconic Queen songs thrown in throughout. For anyone who loves the music by Queen, this is a must see! It even has some stars performing in it at various times of the year.