LED Stage Lighting – An Overview

LED Stage Lighting has many advantages over traditional stage lighting which is typically delivered using tungsten lamps. While tungsten lamps have the capacity for brightness they are not very environmentally friendly, are costly to run, produce a lot of heat and require changing frequently. Additionally, colour is created using gels or filters that require an operator to change manually, not ideal during performances.

LED Stage Lighting technology has made great strides in the performance industry in recent years.  We can see many benefits of LED stage lighting in a variety of venues, especially schools and education venues, primary schools, dance and drama studios, community centres, church halls, and any venue operating under a tight budget that would like to see running costs come down.

There are many advantages to using this type stage lighting in place of traditional tungsten lanterns that make them an appealing option.

LED Stage Lighting for Primary School Drama Studio
LED Stage Lighting for Primary School Drama Studio

Low Power Consumption – Energy Efficient LED Stage Lighting

LED fixtures come into their own here by utilising a fraction of the power required by tungsten lamps. This has the advantage of not only reducing any operating outlay but also the ability to run many fixtures over a single circuit or even a domestic 13A socket resulting in reduced installation infrastructure costs. Perfect for the smaller venue.

Lower Heat Output – Stage Lighting

LED stage lighting fixtures today can produce a highly bright light output with hardly any heat radiation compared to a tungsten fixture. There are many instances where a lower heat output would be desirable such as in TV broadcast, enclosed and smalle stage areas, dance and drama studios where high heat-producing lanterns would make the working or performance space uncomfortable.

Flexible Colour Changing and Lighting Effects

Tungsten fixtures require coloured gel placed in front of the lens to achieve performance colour effects, which usually means building up access equipment and manually changing between performances.

LED stage lighting fixtures incorporate primary colour red, blue and green LEDs often offered with additional white, amber and ultra violet options. When combined the they create thousands of colour variations for lighting designers to work with. White and Amber optional create tungsten (warm) or daylight (cold/blue) lighting perfect for theatre or camera studios.This can all be controlled over DMX from a conventional lighting desk at ground level, eliminating the time-consuming colour changing of traditional fixtures.

This is beneficial for any production that wants to prompt a “wow” factor from its audience. Colours can create a great atmosphere and interesting symbolism on a stage, as well as projecting an ideal ambience for the public.


TV Studio
TV Studio LED Lighting

Lightweight, Compact and Easy To Install

LED stage lighting fixtures can be lightweight, compact and easy to install. Fixtures can be subtly added to sensitive environments and small spaces and are often nowadays convection cooled rather than noisy fan cooled. They are also easily portable so can work flexibly to your specific requirements on the day.

Add To Your Existing Tungsten Lighting System

LED lighting is a good choice for any space that is considering replacing its old and inefficient lighting systems with newer, more flexible and cost-efficient ones. You can even combine the LED light with your existing tungsten bulbs to get the best of both worlds, and this can be managed from one control system, making life easier for you and enabling you to be as creative as you like with your lighting.

This is because LED fixtures use the same control (DMX) as conventional lighting dimmer and fixtures, a full system can comprise a mixture of tungsten, LED and most others from the vast array of available performance lighting fixtures.


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