Theatres and Performing Arts Venues

High School Stage Lighting and Theatre Systems Install
ACS Cobham Performance Systems Installation
Stage lighting installtion
St Pauls School Stage Lighting Installation
Stage Lighting Installation for The Met in Bury
Bury Met Theatre Stage Lighting

Theatres and Performing Arts – Share Our Expertise

Stage & Studio Projects have been designing and installing stage lighting, stage tracks and drapes, sound systems and associated equipment for theatres and performing arts venues for many years now. Theatres and performing arts venues present many unique challenges for the professional performance facility installer and coming up with the right solutions over the years has provided us with a wealth of experience. Ranging from lighting, sound and drapes systems through to communications and stage management Stage & Studio Projects have designed and installed a vast range of systems.

Multi-Discipline Systems for Theatres and Performing Arts Venues

  • Stage Lighting and Control
  • Sound Systems and PA
  • Paging and Show Relay
  • Comms, Working and Cue Light systems
  • House Lighting Systems
  • Lighting bars, Rigging and Truss systems
  • Stage Tracks and Drapes
  • Raise & Lower Systems
  • Technical Power and Data Distribution
  • Audio-Visual and Projection

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Please take a look at our inspection, testing and maintenance page for further details on the inspection services we offer for existing theatre and performing arts systems.

We Love to Listen

If it’s a new build or refurbishment of existing spaces, we want to find out all about your vision for your theatre or performing arts venue. We offer early advice, and design services if you’re not sure about the best solution for your space. Or, if you know exactly what you want, we’ll source and install the equipment for you to your specification. We pride ourselves on our flexibility when dealing with theatre and performing arts customers.

Your Budget Is Important

We have a fully qualified in-house team making us a cost-effective choice and working closely with industry partners and suppliers we always select the products that are best suited to your vision whilst keeping within budget.

Focus on Quality Runs Through Everything We Do

Stage & Studio Projects are a customer-driven company, providing a quality service is at the forefront of everything we do, Working closely with our customers for feedback as part of a programme of continuous improvement through active listening and understanding, offering our advice and expertise with a focus on continuous improvement.

Featured Projects

Please take a look at some of our past projects for a first-hand look at we do

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