Case Studies

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Drama Studio LED Stage Lighting
Folkestone Girls School Drama Studio
Primary School LED Stage Lighting Installation
Willows Primary Manchester
Stage lighting and performance area
Gateshead College
American Community School Performing Arts Centre
ACS Cobham
Studio lighting ETC source lustre and green cyslorama
 Liverpool John Moores University
stage lighting bar and luminaires
St Pauls School London

TV and Broadcast Studios

Film Studio Camera Layout
Dudley College Film Studio
Coventry University Film Stuido Chromakey
Coventry University Film Studio
manchester City Tv Conference Studio
Filming live music in a TV studio
Middlesex University
Travel Counsellors Broadcast Studio
Travel Councilors In-House Studio

Arts Centres and Performance Venues

Scala Arts Centre and Cinema Installation
Scala Arts Centre Prestatyn
Redhouse Arts Centre Exterior
Redhouse Centre Merthyr Tydfil
Bury Met Stage Lighting
Bury Metropolitan Arts

Places of Worship & Church Halls

LED Stage Lighting Control Console
Triangle Players Group, Reading
Gatley UR Church Exterior
Gatley United Reform Church
St Dunatn's Church Stage Lighting
St Dunstan’s Church Liverpool