Sustainability Policy



We aim to develop our company as a long term sustainable business that delivers value for all our stakeholders including employees, customer, business partners and the wider community and society.

We are committed to a policy of sustainable development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to their needs.

We also recognise that by implementing our Sustainability Policy we will become more energy efficient reducing costs which we can pass onto our customers and make us a more sustainable business in the future.

Naturally, much of our work is carried out on site and in these instances, we follow the building contractor’s lead regarding sustainability.

Where we can directly affect our environmental and social impact Stage & Studio Projects management, office staff and on-site teams have committed to the following:

Environmental Impact

Travel Policy Improvements and Green Vehicle Use

  • Buying and hiring greener vehicles
  • Planning travel to minimise the number and length of journeys
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles to improve efficiency·
  • Checking tyre pressure frequently
  • Removing unnecessary items from vehicles to reduce load size
  • Reducing engine warming time before car set off
  • Using air conditioning only when necessary
  • Accelerating gently and keeping speed constant
  • Using engine braking (2% increase in fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear on brakes)
  • Reducing engine idling (Idling for more than 1 minutes uses more fuel than needed to restart the engine. 10 minutes of engine idling wastes 130cc of fuel.)
  • Trackers on our vehicles allow us to monitor green vehicle use

Reducing waste

  • Using recycled paper and less paper by printing less and encouraging our customers and suppliers to do the same
  • Going digital with our documents by using electronic signatures
  • Using materials efficiently to reduce waste
  • Returning all on-site surplus materials (such as cable) to our workshop to be reused or recycled
  • Recycling 100% of office waste – we use B&M Waste Management who are environmental leaders in waste management in the UK (
  • As 50% of waste can be packaging, promoting  ‘take back’ schemes with our suppliers
  • Storing material carefully and protecting work to minimise damage

Reducing water consumption

  • Fixing leaking and dripping taps and turning off taps when not in use
  • Using flow taps and dual flush toilets

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Switching off lights when not using room
  • Insulating where appropriate
  • Turning off or reducing heating
  • Switching off all lights and appliances in the office and workshop at night and turning off unused equipment at source
  • Using energy efficient lighting and equipment – in our offices and where appropriate with our customers
  • Maximising efficiency of tools through regular maintenance
  • Avoiding machine idling time

Supply Chain and Market Place

Where possible we aim to use suppliers who:

  • Are local
  • Have a Sustainability Policy themselves that can be evaluated

Within our industry, the product (e.g. lighting and desks, etc.) marketplace is monopolised by international manufacturers offering high quality, cost-effective products. However, we are abreast of developments in the industry and are always on the look out for more localised manufacturers of products.