Drama & Dance Studios

Drama and dance studios offer performers a unique space to work in. Ensuring the very best drama studio lighting and audio solutions in these areas guarantees the best creative environment.

Stage & Studio Projects can help with every aspect of designing and installing a lighting and audio solution for your drama or dance studio. With many years of experience, we understands how to implement practical technical solutions as well as the more diverse and complex lighting and audio systems intended for dramatic impact.

Your requirements might include installing rigs and lighting bars or dimmers, integrated control systems or patch units.

You may also need to consider dance studio lighting and sound design. Sound is very important in any creative working space, especially in dance studios when the music needs to be heard comfortably by everyone and also requires a great deal of control. we can design and install anything from portable audio solutions to sound reinforcement systems, PA systems, and recording facilities.

For more information on for dance and drama studios or a free quote, please call us on 0161 241 2785 or email us at info@stagestudioprojects.co.uk


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