Traditionally, stage lighting involved the same tungsten light bulbs that we use in our homes. However, technology has moved on since then and PG Stage is proud to offer LED (Light Emitting Diode) stage lighting technology to its clients across the UK. Our expert team have been involved in installing simple LED fixtures up to the comprehensive design of permanently installed lighting bars, fixtures and control equipment for many years. LED Par systems are advantageous for a whole host of reasons, and many of our clients see the benefits from the moment it is installed.

The first benefit is that LED stage lighting systems offer very bright lighting solutions yet consume considerably less electricity. This is valuable for any client looking to reduce their outgoings but also means that many fixtures can be run over a single circuit, even from a single 13A socket outlet.

A traditional tungsten bulb would also require frequent changing and although slightly brighter than the new LED lighting systems, LED systems generate far less heat which is a benefit for many venues.

The colour effects of LED technology are one of the most popular reasons for changing to the new LED lighting systems. Whereas tungsten bulbs required coloured gel to be added and changed manually to create effects on stage, the new LED stage light systems incorporate three primary colours which when mixed can create many colour variations.

Controlled over DMX from a conventional lighting desk, this new type of system eliminates time consuming tasks and provides the venue with a more flexible and efficient way of lighting. LED lighting systems can provide solutions for many venues. This includes simple wash lighting similar to conventional PAR and flood fixtures, wash lighting with moving head functions pan, tilt and colour mixing, spot lighting with moving head functions such as pan, tilt and GOBO effects, LED battens for stage and cyclorama upward or downward lighting, image projectors and TV studio fixtures with warm and cold white options. LED technology can be adapted to your requirements and can in fact be used in a wide range of settings. PG Stage has carried out installations in educational venues, museums, schools, music venues, corporate venues and dance/drama studios, and many other places.

If a client would still like to maintain some of the tungsten lighting in their venue, then PG Stage can install a DMX control system which incorporates all forms of lighting along with the LED technology because they can all use the same control. Simply contact us with your requirements and we can create a personalised consultation and quote.



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