Dudley College Art & Design Centre Film Studio

Film Studio Camera Layout
Film Studio Green Screen
Film Studio LED Lighting

Providing a new Film and Motion Capture Studio to the Art and Design’s faculty recently acquired Barr Hill campus.

Stage Studio Projects were asked to design and install a complete system with the provision of lighting, tracking and drapes, audio, and video facilities for up-to five cameras.

Working alongside the college course team we designed the system to be as flexible as possible allowing for quick set-up changes and turnarounds. Height was an issue, so we opted for the Doughty studio rail system keeping everything as tight to the ceiling as possible. LED studio lighting was provided throughout in the form of bi-colour panels and fresnels all controlled using a Zero 88 FLX lighting console.

At the heart of the system is Blackmagic URSA Broadcast facility with 4K lenses and full studio viewfinders for easy framing and focus control.   

For this project we:

  • Supplied and installed a studio rail system comprising primary fixed rails and secondary moveable rails.
  • A comprehensive range of studio LED fixtures including small compact key Fresnels and Bi-colour panels for fill and backlighting.
  • Zero 88 FLX DMX lighting control console.
  • Perimeter studio tracking with Perimeter blacks, white cyclorama and green chromakey drapes.
  • Blackmagic video production facilities comprising cameras, ATEM camera control panel, Vision Mixer and control panel, Blackmagic Hyper deck Studio for recording and video monitoring.
  • Audio systems complete with wireless and cabled microphones and communication talkback between cameras and control gallery.
  • Facility panels for audio and video including fibre connections between studio and control gallery

Equipment and products suppliers include:

Zero 88, Blackmagic, Doughty Engineering, Soundcraft, Sennheiser and Beyer

Client: Dudley College of Technology / Overbury Construction

Completed: September 2020