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Travel Counsellors Broadcast Studio
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Providing broadcast studio lighting to the travel industry

Travel Counsellors is an independent travel company delivering a franchise based travel service with home-based travel experts offering bespoke trip options to clients. The £111,547m turnover company has 1450 ‘travel counsellors’, 950 based in the UK with the remainder in Ireland, Dubai, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and Australia. This growing business broadcasts weekly to its ‘travel counsellors’ all over the world and required a professional TV broadcast studio at its new offices in Manchester.

Travel Counsellors uses the TV broadcast Studio to link to their worldwide experts keeping them abreast with company and industry developments. Typically the MD, Steve Byrne, leads the interviewing of employees, Travel Counsellors, and suppliers in a ‘sofa interview’ style format. It is a valuable tool to feel a part of the Travel Counsellors family.

We worked with Travel Counsellors and an interior fit-out company to plan and deliver the TV broadcast studio in advance of their moving date in November 2015.

For this project we:

  • Supplied and installed primary support rails with traversing rails to allow lighting positions to be optimised and repositioned easily. Plus fixed rails to certain locations.
  • Supplied and installed distributed power and control cable to allow flexibility of the system to accommodate set changes easily.
  • Supplied and installed Zero 88 Jester 24/48 Lighting Control desk
  • Supplied and installed a variety luminaires to the curved sofa area and chromakey backdrop area: Felloni Lite panels (standard output daylight balanced DMX control), LCC 5 colour battens and Sconi Light fresnels.
  • Tested and commissioned entire system.

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