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Raise & Lower Rigging System
TV studio live from above
TV Studio Lighting System
Live music filming at Middlesex University TV studiod
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Middlesex University TV Studio Installation

TV studio installation providing full stage lighting systems including motorised hoists, lighting grid and pantographs

In association with LCC Lighting and Sony Broadcast, we delivered a TV studio installation at Middlesex University. This was an ambitious project to deliver state-of-the-art media facilities to its Film, Media and TV Students. This covered the design and installation of two TV recording studios – the main TV studio with bespoke lighting hoists and a second smaller studio with fixed lighting grid and chromakey infinity area.

There were various demands to fulfil for the main television studio. The first requirement was that it needed to maximise the floor space available, which was 150 square metres. It also needed to be dynamic and flexible to allow for the quick and easy set-up and de-rig of studio lighting.

The TV recording studio has been built to the highest quality of design, equipment, and technology and is set to provide the university with a full range of first class facilities for its students. Middlesex University Television Production course leader Roddy Gibson commented on the project, “The studio will give students a much greater understanding of how real-life production facilities work, enhancing their prospects of a rewarding career in the creative media sector,”

For this project we:

  • Worked closely with LCC Lighting, Sony Broadcasting, and the University to produce technical drawings to meet the course’s complex needs as well as the overall budget for the project.
  • Designed power distribution and DMX systems to meet the University’s requirements.
  • Installed electrical containment system, a state of the art lighting grid, motorised hoists and pantographs.
  • Designed, specified and commissioned bespoke touch-screen motorised hoist controls to minimise the space used for this control. This, also allowed ease of use as well as digitally restricting the dynamic loading imposed by the movement of the hoists.
  • Installed twin cyclorama track systems to both studios comprising a complete set of black wool serge drapes, Chromakey cloth and filled cloth cyclorama to allow for a variety of uses for studios.

Testimonial from the University

“I am pleased to say that we are happy with the work that has been done for us. The engineering design met our requirements which are more than most educational institutions would require and are more in line with high-end broadcast specifications. The overall quality of work is to an excellent standard and where we have discovered the inevitable snags they have promptly rectified them while fitting in with our demanding schedule.

We found the team that undertook the work to be punctual, friendly and efficient.

They have proved themselves to be able and willing to take on this somewhat demanding project and have completed it to our satisfaction, and I am happy to recommend them to anyone considering a similar project.”

Barry Cooper, Television Studio Manager

Client: LCC Lighting/ Sony Broadcasting / Middlesex University
Completion Date: August 2011
Overall Schedule: 12 weeks

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