Shopping Centres & Hotels

We has worked up and down the UK with many different sizes and type of hotels and leisure facilities, installing original hotel lighting and sound systems to match exact venue requirements.

Every hotel and leisure venue is different and this is why Stage & Studio Projects design unique solutions for varying needs, from conferences to events and much more in between.

Some leisure facilities have stages or performance areas which may require stage management systems, drapes and curtains to control acoustics, LED cloths, lanterns and fixtures, or even dimmers and control systems.

We can efficiently handle shopping and leisure centre lighting and audio visual installation with minimal disruption to the client, including projectors, screens and integrated lecterns which are useful in venues that host a lot of conferences or educational seminars and group meetings. This might include plasma or LED television installation too, a popular requirement amongst hotels and leisure facilities today.

Your audio requirements might include the installation of a PA system, recording facilities and portable sound reinforcement. We work closely with our clients to design the most suitable solutions in any size or type of room within the hotel.

For more information on our work with sorporate clients or a free quote, please call us on 0161 241 2785 or email us at

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