Two words to strike fear into the heart of any office; ‘power’ and ‘point’. Although there’s no doubt that the famous slideshow-producing software is incredibly useful and has made presenting ideas a lot easier for those more accustomed to sitting behind a computer screen than standing in front of an audience…there really is nothing worse than sitting in front of bullet-pointed slides while someone monotonously recites their contents for four hours, is there?

The problem with presentation software is that too many professionals see it as the be all and end all of presenting when in actuality, it’s only one part of an overall presentation. Sure, reading out words on a screen is technically ‘presenting’ but that doesn’t mean it’s good presenting.

Through approaching a presentation from a performance perspective, you can liven up your drab powerpoint and convey your information in a manner that is far more interesting and digestible. A key factor in this ‘performance approach’ is the use of stage lighting and sound. It sounds quite outlandish and a bit too theatrical, but using lighting and sound can really improve the quality of your presentation and leave your audience talking about it for days afterwards.


Stage lighting is a fantastic way of conveying mood, which is the predominant reason it’s such a staple in a theatrical performances. If you have the facilities (such as a conference venue), you too can channel the power of lighting to inject some fun into your presentation!

Rather than the standard ‘turn down the lights’, why not use lighting to really bring your points to life? Dramatic or ‘bad’ news can be heralded by a quick switch to red lighting, with a slow fade to a more soothing shade as you present a solution. Have a strong environmental message to convey? Try using a green to really emphasise your point.

Basically, make full use of any available lighting to really get what you’re saying across. While it may be considered a bit over the top, peoples heightened reactions to certain shades of lighting will undoubtedly help your presentation to stick in their mind.


Sound is a crucial part of any presentation; in fact, it’s as important as the slideshow! Projecting your voice properly is important but can be quite difficult if you haven’t had the correct training. Similarly, if you are usually quite a quiet person, suddenly having to talk as loudly and clearly as possible can be quite a strain.

This is where a good stage sound system can come in handy. With a good PA and a decent microphone, even the meekest of speakers can be graced with a booming tone more befitting of Brian Blessed! Sound systems makes the age old issue of people at the back not being able to hear properly a thing of the past.

If you’re especially creative, you could also consider adding sound effects to your show for emphasis and comedic effect. It’s probably not the best idea if you’re making a particular serious presentation, but sound effects can prove an excellent icebreaker if the info you are presenting is particularly dry – or as a good way to wake up any sleeping audience members!

If you’re bored of the same old drab powerpoint presentations and fancy adding a bit of theatrical flair to your workplace, get in touch with PG Stage. We can help you plan the perfect presentation space and ensure that your presentations are the envy of other offices everywhere!

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