2012 is now a distant memory and we’re staring in the face of 2013, a new year and a new opportunity to stick to those resolutions! January is always a time for reflection and improvement so if you’ve been pondering the benefits of installing a theatre, stage or audio visual system, these next few chilly months may be the time to put those plans into action.

Gone are the days when a fulfilling learning experience could be achieved with just an overhead projector and some hastily penned handwritten notes, with many modern learning environments now boasting sophisticated sound, lighting and interactive systems. Whilst good, engaging teaching will always triumph, installing some learning aids or a studio for performance arts can dramatically enhance the learning experience.

Installing a drama studio or stage in a school or college can spark the interest of even the most disengaged student, creating a space that can benefit pupils of all interests. A good drama studio should have an atmosphere which evokes freedom and creativity and ideally act as a neutral space against a backdrop of generic classrooms. Here students can express themselves, grow in confidence and even develop technical expertise with the opportunity to control the lighting and sound systems.

The power of film should never be underestimated when creating an engaging learning session, and creating that cinematic experience with the use of a projector and projection screen can be simple but effective. In many subjects film and documentary viewing can be a highly beneficial learning tool, giving students the opportunity to learn about topics which are hard to convey in the constraints of a classroom. Bringing learning experiences to life can additionally ensure a more thorough grasp of topics, with literary classics such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein often making must- see movies.

Projectors and screens have the power to convert any space into an impressive cinema, conference room or lecture theatre and coupled with a good sound system can make for an incredibly engaging and immersive learning experience.

The use of audio visual systems is not only advantageous for students and teachers, but can also be essential in large spaces or when conversing with students who are hearing impaired. Touch screen and integrated lecterns are not only professional and effective but also allow for seamless presentations. Additionally, a good speaker and microphone system can ensure even those at the back can hear without the lecturer having to strain their voice, a vital tool when trying to capture the interest of over 100 students.

A multi phased-array induction loop system for the hard of hearing is also essential to guarantee all students have the best possible learning experience and Plasma and LCD television installation is a useful method of conveying information quickly and can additionally drive business. It is common for universities to advertise campus food outlets and events around university buildings via Plasma screens.

Higher education courses which offer more than classroom and textbook learning are becoming increasingly popular with potential students trying to stand out in a competitive graduate market. A TV and Broadcast Studio can consequently be an impressive addition to any university or college offering journalism, production, technical or media courses and can ensure the institution stands out for its superior facilities.

A good learning space or immersive studio can be an investment that attracts significant income. With popular industries becoming increasingly saturated, students are craving an enriched learning experience within a setting representative of the sector they hope to find employment. A suitable conference space, lecture theatre or studio can also be hired out by groups looking for a professional space.

If you would like any information about studio spaces or audio visual equipment or are unsure how to improve a learning environment, get in touch with PG Stage for expert advice, installation and training on 0161 830 0303.

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