Who doesn’t love the cinema? No-one, that’s who. There’s a magical feeling about going to your local multiplex to watch the latest blockbuster from the movie machine that is Hollywood; the anticipation as the lights go down, the classic popcorn and coke combo (or a hotdog if you’re the adventurous type) and the sense of occasion. Even if the movie was a bit rubbish, you still leave the cinema feeling like you’ve had a good night out.

But…well, it’s expensive isn’t it? We remember the days when you could experience all the magic of cinema with just a five pound note, but it seems as though you need to remortgage your home just to catch the latest Batman flick nowadays. We’re guessing IMAX screenings are attended solely by billionaires. Wouldn’t it be great if, say, you had your own cinema?

Your own cinema, where the admission fee is free and you can eat all the overly-sweet popcorn you could wish for. No noisy neighbours whispering next to your, no miscreants throwing their treats around the cinema, no overly tall folk sitting in front of deliberately. Just you and a movie. Bliss.

Of course, building your own cinema is a dream that can only be fulfilled if you have a lot of cash (approximately five cinema trips, based off current prices) so it’s probably not something you can do alone. That doesn’t mean you have to let the dream die, however.

If you own a business and have a big room just itching for a ‘presentation space’ then you might find that a cinema style setting is the perfect solution for you. You can use it for presentations, conferences and – of course – private lunchtime screenings of the latest flicks. But keep the last one quiet.


The crux of any good cinematic set-up, your presentation space will have a decent-sized screen and the relevant equipment to project images onto said screen. Whereas many lament the death of old school projection, digital projection equipment is by far the easier option and negates any potential mishaps!


The boom of gunfire, the rousing strings of a timeless romance, that trumpet song from the Pearl and Dean ads – sound is arguably as important to the cinematic experience as vision! Do it justice with a good stage sound system, perfect for making Clive from Account’s latest presentation sound less like dull business-speak and more like a stirring speech from a historical epic.

Stage Lighting

Okay, so you could probably just have standard lights with a switch to turn them off as appropriate but let’s be honest – there’s nothing quite like that dimming of the lights before a movie to build a bit of anticipation is there? Install a few stage lights and a simple control system and you too can recreate this magic moment.


Seating is an essential part of any conference venue. You’re faced with two options; the cheaper, space-efficient temporary seating option (folding chairs that can be packed away are especially good) or permanent tiered seating, which is more expensive but looks fantastic. The choice is yours!

Stage Drapes

One for the real cinema connoisseur, some stage drapes in front of your screen is the perfect finishing touch on your cinema-based presentation space!

If this all sounds a bit lavish, that’s because it is. But think of it this way; businesses will be clamouring to use your unique presentation space. After all, who doesn’t want to hold a business conference is a cinema?! Eventually, your conference-cum-cinema venue could end up paying for itself.

If we’ve stoked your interest with this post, get in touch with PG Stage and we can help plan, design and build your ideal conference space. We’ve had experience in turning the grandest of plans into a reality for schools and businesses across the country, so why not see what we have to offer? Call 0161 830 0303 now!

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