We’ve undertaken quite a few exciting projects over the past thirty years here at PG Stage; we’ve designed, supplied and installed performance facilities and equipment all over the UK, in all kinds of venues.

Our latest project was based at Middlesex University, who required a flexible and dynamic television studio for their Film, Media and TV students to work in. In association with LCC and Sony Broadcast, PG Stage took on the task!

There were various demands we had to meet with this project; firstly we had to maximise the 150 square metres of floor space. We also needed to allow for the quick and easy set-up and de-rig of studio lighting due to the amount of students who would be undertaking very different projects in the space!

We got to work with our team of professional technicians, who designed and produced technical drawings which were used to define a specification for the university. This led to PG Stage designing power distribution and DMX systems in order to meet the university’s requirements.

Following on from this, we then installed an electrical containment system, pantographs and state of the art lighting grids. We also installed motorised hoists; along with these hoists, we designed, specified and commissioned bespoke touch-screen controls for the hoists, which meant the complex control system took up a minimal amount of space. More importantly, the system was easy to use and designed to restrict dynamic loading associated with movement of the hoists.

TV studio raise and lower lighting bars
Raise & Lower Rigging System

Our project also included a second studio for the ever-ambitious university, which included chromokey virtual studio facilities, power and DMX distribution, a cyclorama track and a lighting grid.

We built the studio with quality in mind, and the university’s talented students will now benefit from first class facilities kitted out with first class equipment and technology. The leader of the Television Production course at Middlesex University, Roddy Gibson, had this to say about the project: “The studio will give students a much greater understanding of how real-life production facilities work, enhancing their prospects of a rewarding career in the creative media sector.”

Paul Holt, partner at PG Stage, said: “PG Stage are delighted to have worked with Middlesex University Media Department to create a bespoke lighting system for their TV studio. The department had high aspirations for a high density, fully integrated and flexible lighting solution and we worked closely with them to ensure these needs were met.”

Live music filming at Middlesex University TV studiod
External production company use the studios for recording

He added, “This Studio facility gives students a real insight into the tight production time scales associated with fast track studio productions, whilst allowing them the time to fully explore the creative elements of studio lighting.”

Our team of highly qualified designers and field operatives continue to work with schools, universities and venues across the country to oversee, design, supply and install the highest quality stage lighting, audio visual systems, sound systems, curtains and drapes and track systems. If you would like a consultation or no obligation quote on any project, get in touch with us.