Community centres have made something of a comeback over the past decade or so, after a while as being seen as a bit old-fashioned. The revival of the community centre can be put down to a number of societal factors far too nuanced for us to get into here, but there’s no doubt that having a space where various groups within a community can utilise for whatever it is they happen to collectively enjoy is a good thing.

Unlike schools or theatres, there is generally no pressure on those running a community centre to stick strictly to budget or turn a profit on performances; generally, the space is hired out on an hourly basis with whoever happens to be running the centre (usually a council of some kind) receiving the profits and reinvesting it back in the community.

However, an empty space does no-one any good and raising as much money as possible to invest in the community is important at a time when Government austerity cuts are taking hold on communities across the country.

This means making your community centre as appealing to potential renters as possible is extremely important. In turn, this means investing a bit of money into the centre itself. Unfortunately, most community centres don’t boast huge budgets with which to invest.

Getting a return on any investments, then, is essential, which is where stage engineering comes in. Installing stage lighting and sound in your centre can transform it from an occasional hangout spot for the local bridge club to a multi-faceted entertainment space.

But isn’t stage sound and lighting expensive? Well, it can be. Depending on what you want to get out of a stage set-up, the cost can vary. By and large, the cost of an installation will depend on the size of your space, what you want to do with your lighting and how much you are willing to budget.

This initial cost, however, is usually offset by the sheer number of potential money-making options having top quality performance facilities open up for you. Not only will the local am dram group’s performances improve, but you can also begin to host comedy nights, bands and even professional theatre companies.

These kinds of events are the kinds of events that bring in significant amounts of money, money that can be reinvested elsewhere in the community. What’s more, you’ll also be giving your community a vast array of fun nights out.

Proper stage lighting isn’t just a sound monetary investment however; it’s also a good investment in your community. Providing professional-standard facilities for people within your community to pursue their interests together, fostering a real sense of community spirit – and, perhaps, the next unexpected West End smash!

For more information on how PG Stage could help you transform your local community centre, get in touch!

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