LED stage lighting is more popular in theatres and studios because of the many benefits that LED stage lighting can bring to a theatrical or performance space. LED lighting has also become popular in other environments too, such as exhibitions, museums, jewellery displays, colleges, universities and art studios. Anywhere where light is important, and an effect needs to be created, is a good place to consider LED lighting.

The first benefit of this kind of lighting is low power consumption. Unlike other traditional tungsten bulbs, LED lighting emits less heat and uses less power, with only a slight decrease in brightness. This means the bulbs don’t get boiling hot like other traditional light bulbs. This also makes it more cost effective to run in the long term as less electricity is needed to light the bulbs and keep them running.

A second benefit is the colour effects that can be achieved through LED lighting. Unlike traditional bulbs you are not limited to a set number of colours based on colour gels and manual changes. With LED lights, you can gain a whole range of colours and they can be controlled from a control station so you don’t even have to move out of your seat. This is beneficial for any production that wants to prompt a “wow” factor from its audience. Colours can create a great atmosphere and interesting symbolism on a stage, as well as projecting an ideal ambience for the audience.

A final benefit of LED stage lighting is that the LED lights are very lightweight and easy to install. During LED lighting installation, the engineer will be able to add the compact LED packages to any kind of surrounding, ideal in exhibitions where tidy and neat looking lighting is important for small spaces. They are also portable so they can work flexibly to your specific requirements on the day.

LED lighting is a good choice for any space that is considering replacing its old and inefficient lighting systems with newer, more flexible and cost effective ones. You can even combine the LED lighting with your existing tungsten bulbs to get the best of both worlds, and this can be managed from one control system making life easier for you and enables you to be as creative as you like with your lighting.