Some plays are just so spectacularly executed, performed and thought provoking that every play lover should have them on their theatrical bucket list. While we’re sure your favourites are in abundance (we know ours are!) this Spring/Summer sees some fantastic plays really come into their own at the country’s biggest theatres. These are the ones we really think deserve an evening of our lives and rave reviews aside, these performances offer something fresh and unique.

War Horse

Venue: New London Theatre, Drury Lane, London

Opens: now open until 2014

Style: Drama

If you’re wondering how Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse translates to the stage, then you’re not alone, and the technical achievements exhibited in this play are absolutely mesmerising. The genius behind the life sized and detailed beasts are brought to you by the Hand Spring Puppet Company, South Africa and come to life not only in movement, but through the excellent stage sound effects that really convey the pounding of galloping hooves. There is nothing animatronic about these spectacular models however, they are purely puppets comprised of steel, leather and aircraft cables. The story is beautiful and captures war, tragedy and one boys mission to find his horse during the battles of World War 1. A must see for all generations.

The Book of Mormon

Venue: The Prince of Wales Theatre, London

Opens: 21st March 2013

Style: Musical/comedy

After receiving widespread praise and a plethora of 5 star ratings, it’s fair to say that The Book of Mormon has well and truly captured the attention of theatre lovers. As explained by the title, the play is centred on the Mormon religion and documents the journey of two young male missionaries sent out to spread their faith. In a classic story of underdog meets cool kid, smooth and charismatic missionary Elder Price is paired with clumsy and awkward Elder Cunningham and sent to Africa to spread the Mormon way of life. While the play is considered controversial by some, the general consensus is that the play is a light hearted and entertaining musical with more than a few laughs (even if some jokes are a little risque for some tastes).

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Venue: Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Opens: 12th March 2013

Style: Mystery/drama

Based on the novel by Mark Haddon and adapted by theatrical legend Simon Stephens, the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time tells the tale of 15 year old Christopher, a boy with a brilliant mind but a slippery grasp on the intricacies of daily life. While in the novel Christopher’s specific condition isn’t mentioned, Asperger’s syndrome or Autism are hinted at, and Christopher’s numerical skills and deductive powers are tested to the limit as he tries to solve the mystery of who killed his neighbour’s dog. The starring role is filled well by Luke Treadaway, and despite originally being a children’s book, the play expertly touches on adult themes and teenage angst in equal measure.

These plays demonstrate spectacular acting, stunning effects and gripping storylines, but of course the effects couldn’t be achieved without intelligent stage design and sophisticated sound and lighting systems. If you’d like to create or upgrade an existing set, get in touch with PG Stage, no challenge is too big or small for our specialist teams.

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