Christmas pageants and holiday productions are among some of the most popular themed performances this time of year. As a result, it’s necessary to plan out how to best include festive creative touches to your stage. While Christmas trees, fake snow and lots of baubles and ornaments are obvious go-tos, it’s helpful to consult with the production crew and get a good understanding on the design layout of your stage.

Most venues have their own little quirks and complexities which require attention to detail to ensure seamless performance. When it comes to a Christmas pageant, it’s always best to make sure the décor is sizeable enough to impact the audience, yet also make sure it doesn’t obstruct their view, or any acoustics which would discourage sound from carrying throughout.

In doing so, one of our best recommendations is to observe the rule of thirds. While, this is typically used in photography, the same could be applied to a production. Essentially, the rule of thirds encourages design and layout to be divided in to thirds which is how our eye would typically organise visual elements without feeling like we are trying to follow sporadic action. As such, we can best concentrate on the primary elements being conveyed to the audience.

For example, by setting up a third of the stage while using the other two thirds to distribute action, drama and sound, the balance of audio and visual elements would encourage audience members to feel more engaged.

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