A professional sound, lighting or AV system can represent a major investment for a school or college. In addition to helping your staff and students to produce fantastic performances, there are many ways you can use your equipment to generate a financial return. Here are our top 5 ideas:

1.   Does your Head have the X-Factor?


A school talent show is a great way for everyone in the community to show their support for the local school and enables pupils to showcase their talents and skills both on stage and behind the scenes.  If you can persuade some parents and teachers to participate then you are likely to attract a large audience, especially if the head is willing to perform! Selling tickets throughout the school and local community, providing refreshments on the night and holding a raffle during the evening should ensure a good profit.  You will need:

  • stage lighting
  • stage sound system
  • radio mics

2.   Horseplay


A race night is a great way to raise funds while bringing all the excitement of the racecourse to your school hall. There are many companies offering a fully serviced package from £300, but a much less expensive option is to rent a DIY DVD for around £40. You can raise money through selling admission tickets, putting on a bar, and holding an auction race. Local businesses may be willing to sponsor jockeys and horses in return for mentions throughout the night. As well as a very charismatic Master of Ceremonies, you will need:

  • large screen
  • projector
  • sound system
  • mics  

3.   School of Style


Holding a  fashion show is a unique way to raise funds and can inspire new ideas and enthusiasm throughout the school. You may be able to model clothes from a local independent fashion retailer and support your local community in this way. Alternatively, there will be professional companies in your area who put on fashion shows in your school and offer you a cut of their profits. Often they will have top name brands at a fraction of the price and can even help you organise the models on the night.

Parents, teachers and pupils become the ‘models’ for the evening. It’s also a great opportunity for the pupils to work ‘back stage’ and get a feel for how a real fashion show takes place.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to work with teachers to express themselves creatively. Putting up screens to show the “runway” live will add to the atmosphere. You can sell tickets for the event and sell refreshments.  To create the right ambience you will need:

  • stage lighting
  • sound system
  • screen
  • projector

4.   Top of the Class


It’s interesting how competitive parents become when competing against each other in the school hall! A “Pub Quiz” or Trivia Evening can be a great way to draw a crowd and have some fun.  Tickets or entry fees can be sold in advance, encouraging people to enter as teams can save time on the night. Teams should be made up of no more than 10 people and remember that the questions need to be pitched at the right level. There are a number of books and online sources providing questions which can help you to get it right. Food can be ordered in advance and served on the night; fish and chips is a popular choice. A considerable profit can be made by providing a bar on the night, brain work is thirsty work! The only equipment you will need for this is:

  •  sound system
  • mic

5.   Saturday Night at the Movies


A cinema night can provide a great evening out for all the family, allowing the parents to relax and chat while the children enjoy one of the latest releases on a projector screen. Turning the lights off and serving popcorn and soft drinks will add to the authenticity of the experience for the kids. The minimal outlay required for this event will ensure a good return. You will need:

  • screen
  • DVD player
  • sound system connected to DVD player
  • projector

Investment in performance systems may not cost as much as you think! PG Stage offer a variety of options to suit your budget. A portable ‘drama pack’ for example offers a complete stage and sound solution at a very cost effective price. Whatever your budget, give us a call on 0161 830 0303 to discuss your vision. We have years of experience of working with schools and recognise the importance of budget without sacrificing quality.

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