There was a time when the closest most people could get to a professional standard television production studio would be to stand outside the BBC’s iconic Television Centre in London; back in the day, very few people had need to produce their own videos to the sort of standard we’re used to seeing our national broadcaster produce.

With the advent of digital television and the internet, however, things have changed. More and more people are creating and editing professional standard videos – of course, many are also using their webcams and their bedrooms for a studio too!

Regardless, the ability to create and edit video is becoming less of a hobby and more of an advantage in the modern world, making it an important skill for young people to learn at school or college. It’s not just the world of TV and YouTube where these skills come in handy either; marketing, PR and design roles are a lot easier to secure if you’ve got video production skills under your belt.

But can’t you just teach those skills with a video camera using the stage lighting in your existing drama studio? Well, yes, you can. But the benefits of having professional standard facilities in your school or college aren’t just limited to your students – they can have significant reputation and financial advantages for the institution itself too.

Provides Your Students With Vital Skills

As we’ve previously stated, students can gain a lot from working in a professional video production environment. Obviously, they will learn what goes into making a professional production but they can also learn about the intricacies of lighting design, how to use professional sound systems and staging techniques outside of traditional theatre.

It’s not just media or drama students a studio benefits either. Budding writers can see how their words are transformed into a production before their eyes, allowing them to develop as writers and offering them a significant advantage in the real world while electricians can study the work that goes into kitting out a complex studio.

Improves The Reputation of your Institution

The competition between schools, colleges and universities to attract students is getting fiercer and fiercer; you only have to look at the multi-million pound advertising campaigns invested in by colleges and universities across the country for evidence of that.

One of the main areas institutions try to outdo each other is the facilities that they offer. With media becoming one of the most popular courses among young people in the UK, offering a professional standard video production studio is an excellent way of attracting more students to your particular place of study.

Having a good production studio can also open up partnerships with major players in television and film, offering your students a route into a difficult industry and generally improving the standard and level of funding for your particular course.

A New Source of Income

So far, we’ve looked at the advantages of a professional video production studio for those who study or work at a particular institution. However, having such a facility is also attractive to those with no particular affiliation to the school.

Video production facilities are expensive, and many people who want to create their own productions simply can’t afford to create their own. By offering your own out for hire, you could open a new source of revenue for your institution, which can then be fed back into improving the studio itself.

If you’re thinking about installing your own television studio, get in touch with PG Stage on 0161 830 0303 – we can assist you on every step of the journey, from initial designs to the final installation.

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