If you’re looking to showcase your new business to the masses in the near future (or even if you’re re-opening after a stylish new refurbishment) then you’ll undoubtedly be hoping to make your night so spectacular, so brand rich and so visually appealing that your patrons will keep on coming long after the honeymoon period has worn off.

Whether your venue is a brand new bar, gastropub or function space, chances are you’ll be swamped by elaborate ideas to establish your brand and get your name heard. But how does a manager or owner portray months of hard work and careful styling on one single night? The champagne may be flowing, your target market may be flocking, but what else can you do to give your venue that extra special something that’ll really get you remembered for all the right reasons?

Simple but high impact lighting effects are a great way to make your venue appear even bigger and elaborate that it actually is – fantastic if your venue is a small bar on a strip and you need to establish your presence. You may have seen these effects utilised before at your favourite bar or a corporate function or wedding, but here we’re going to focus on the different styles, technical terminology and effects created by each of these creative lighting solutions.


Stay with us here, the gobo is a real lighting effect, not a typo! Derived from the phrase ‘goes before optics’ the gobo is simply a piece of metal or glass which blocks out light to create a desired image. The gobo allows for surprisingly creative and intricate effects and can be used to reproduce your company logo and names – a popular choice for weddings. The effect can be used to create a floor mural, but also makes for fantastic wall art and can be projected onto the pavement outside of your venue.

Intelligent Lights

Also called ‘moving lights’, intelligent lights can be pre-programmed to create desirable effects. Whilst they can be operated live, intelligent lights are a fantastic choice if you don’t have the time or man power to control the lighting all evening. You could also utilise gel filters to create coloured lighting effects if you choose and this is a great way to set a tone if your brand has signature colours. These can be used to complement your interiors and can later be utilised for a range of ‘dance-floor’ functions.

Low-level LED Lighting


Perfect if you’re going for subtle ambience, low level white LEDs or coloured varieties are beautifully sophisticated and allow the design and style of your venue to really do the talking. Low level LEDs can be utilised both within your venue and leading up to the entrance, effectively combining safety with great effects. But perhaps best of all, LEDs are a great energy-saving solution – perfect if your lighting budget is modest but you’re still looking for those extra-special effects.

We hope these ideas have given you a little inspiration and shown you how you can create beautiful opening-night lighting effects without spending the earth. Of course a specialist studio and stage installation company such as PG Stage can create bespoke solutions for you (no matter how elaborate your ideas!) but it’s always useful to see exactly how you can bring your venue to life using simple yet effective lighting techniques.



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