For those in the studio and stage installation industry, LED lighting has long been a popular light source for its incredible flexibility and energy saving properties. But while these features have made LED lighting stand head and shoulders above more traditional lighting styles for those in the know, these unique benefits have also turned the potential of LED into so much more.

So here we appreciate the bold and the beautiful in the lighting world and marvel over those lighting installations that have gone from beyond functional to pass well and truly into complex art.

Of course we were spoilt for choice over which installations to showcase on the blog, so we’ve included the most beautiful creations to pop up this year. Take a look, appreciate these works for yourself and feel free to leave a comment or contact us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know your thoughts.

‘BruumRuum’ Barcelona

Stunningly beautiful at first glance maybe, but this delicate installation is so much more than just a pretty city-scene lighting display. The design is a collaborative work between Graphic Designer David Torrents and lighting design practice artec3, and comprises 550 in-ground linear luminaries over a vast 3,300 square metre area. Aside from a rather stunning display nestled in Placa de les Glories, the LEDs actually respond to voices and city noise using sensors placed around the installation. The result is truly spectacular – take a look at the video, we’d have to say colour-changing light sabers come to mind!

Light Show London

Unfortunately the light show finished in early May after a successful 3 month exhibit at the Hayward Gallery, but the stunning (and very thought provoking!) exhibits can still be appreciated through the gallery’s beautiful online gallery. With over a dozen artists from around the world showcasing their creations, the pieces, both simple and elaborate, are mesmerising in their creativity – just take a look, it’s hard to believe that some of the effects have been created with everyday objects.

It’s fair to say that the effects aren’t all a product of LEDs, but the fluorescent tube and tungsten bulb designs are so beautiful we just couldn’t overlook them.

Darren Pearson LED Art


Ever twirled a sparkler through the air on bonfire night and tried to capture the shapes in that split second before they disappear? Darren Pearson has gone one step further and created spectacular LED art by ‘whizzing’ light through the air to create lines. He then captures the lines using a long exposure setting on his camera which allows him to create his signature ‘fun’ images. To those of us slightly baffled by complex photography, the resulting images are an absolute mystery, but arguably this all contributes to the fun!

We hope that brightened up your Monday (no pun intended) and alerted you to some of the freshest installations and works that have cropped up this year. We always love to hear your thoughts on social media, so please get in touch and let us know what you think. Equally, if we’ve well and truly brought you round to LED lighting for your venue then please get in touch with our professional lighting installation specialists.


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