In Manchester, it’s fair to say that we’re a little spoilt with the numerous cinemas, theatres and multi-purpose venues that crop up all over the city. In fact we’ve gorged on live comedy, hit plays and blockbuster films to such an extent that we’re always open to a fresh experience.

But with 3D cinema, the much loved IMAX and experiences at the flicks getting more and more sophisticated (think cocktails delivered while you recline in luxury seats) when it comes to film we well and truly thought we’d seen it all. (For the time being anyway).

If you haven’t yet heard of Route 66 then you’re in for a cinematic treat straight from Grease as the classic US of A style ‘drive-in movie theatre’ premieres in the UK. As sound, lighting and home cinema specialists we were intrigued, and as closet 50s style America fans, we were just plain excited.

Now while us Brits might not be learned in the art of the drive-in, the park and view system is pretty self-explanatory. Simply book your tickets online (we doubt they did this in ‘50s US but you can also purchase your tickets when you arrive), tune your radio to the frequency specified on your ticket, park-up and sit back. You can even order hot food and a range of cinema treats to be delivered to your car throughout the film!

Sound junkies should be aware though, if the surround sound of the cinema really gets your pulse racing, then you might be a little disappointed with the quality eeking out of your car stereo. Of course the atmosphere will be enough to make up for the lack of cinema-quality sound for some, but if a stunning sound system and good film are synonymous for you, then make sure your in car radio can handle it!

The screen is essentially a white wall with a projector used to show the film for those of you intrigued about the mechanics of an outdoor screen, but from the positive reviews, the viewing quality certainly isn’t lacking. It’s essentially back to basics and offers great inspiration to those creating a big project on a modest budget.

The reviews have generally been OK to great, potentially because we’re British and we seem to queue to a greater extent than the rest of the world (cliched but true). Alas, queueing accounted for a couple of the review gripes visitors had when joining the queue to park up.

If you’ve become inspired to create a truly unique project (or, of course, reignite a classic!) then get in touch with stage installation and design specialist PG Stage. We have extensive experience in delivering bespoke projects so we can manage any query you throw at us (big or small!)



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