When installing a sound system in a vast nightclub or intimate bar it’s easy to focus solely on professional equipment and ignore the actual structure of the space. As impressive as a sophisticated sound system may be, the output can easily be tainted when a venue isn’t acoustically optimised.

Acoustic treatment is designed to improve the listening environment, and as well as getting the best out of your audio equipment, the right acoustic space can significantly improve the experience for your patrons. Sounds muddled by a poorly optimised acoustic space actually make it harder for the brain to process the sound components, making for a poor listening experience even if you aren’t consciously aware of it!

A venue can be acoustically unsuitable for a number of reasons ranging from the wall angles, windows and doors to the construction materials used for the building. A good example of a space that could potentially distort the sound would be a venue with a concrete structure and hard reflective surfaces which would cause the sound energy to bounce off the interiors. This ‘bounce’ can cause the sounds to have almost an echo effect and consequently makes mixing difficult. This is obviously a problem if high flying DJs are playing in your venue.

Of course any issues like this can be taken into account with a sound system tailored for the space or a sophisticated system designed for a multi-function venue (for example a busy Saturday night club that transforms into a comedy venue during the week). A venue may still require some more cosmetic alterations however in order to do justice to the sound system.



Sound proofing is often synonymous with acoustic treatment as both processes involve modifying a space where sound quality is vital. As mentioned acoustic treatment deals with the acoustic quality of the space whereas sound proofing is designed to isolate the sound. Sound proofing is especially vital if your venue is adjoining other businesses or residential properties and a thumping bass from your place may not be appreciated!

Even though soundproofing may be an essential requirement for nightclubs from a noise complaints perspective, soundproofing has numerous benefits inside the venue too. For example, many venues segregate sections in their club, with VIP lounges popular in the largest and most prolific clubs. Of course in order to create these ‘zones’ soundproofing solutions have to be used in order to avoid the sounds from the largest space in the club dominating the whole venue. You may be lucky and already have soundproofing features in your space such as concrete floors, limited windows and door seals, but it’s always worth getting an expert opinion if sound leakage is a problem.

Determining the acoustic value of your space is complicated and each space can require different modifications in order to create the best quality sound. We’ve only scratched the surface in this post, but a reputable stage,sound and lighting company such as PG Stage will be able to analyse the acoustics of your space and create a bespoke sound system for your venue.

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