Stage Fright is one of the most common forms of performance anxiety and affects almost everyone. In fact, some of the most prominent public figures and pop stars of our time have admitted to being subject to feeling this all too common form of performance anxiety. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few helpful techniques to side step those pesky nervous feelings.


Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever been so nervous that you completely forget what you’re about to say or do? Practicing can help make sure your mind and body are at ease in front of a crowd, resulting in the overall production becoming more intuitive to the performer. The simple act of repeating words and gestures helps your memory absorb what you say, when you say it and helps calm your mind to encourage positive body language to your audience. As a result, those who practice before hitting the stage are far more likely to be self aware while on stage and more engaging with their audience.

123 Breathe

There are various breathing techniques performers use to meditate and put their mind at ease either before being in front of a large amount of people. Counting to three, breathing in, counting to three, and breathing out helps to control nerves and settle the mind. In doing so, you’ll find that your overall state of mind will remain calm, your focus will be more acute and you’ll gain control over your speech and movements. Breathing in a routined way also encourages better articulation and opens the chest while lengthening the spine. Not only will you feel confident, you’ll be more confident as a result.


A common misconception is that indulging in nervous habits helps avoid showtime jitters. Caffeine, tobacco and other vices have a tendency to have immediate effects of calming; although, overall can cause more anxiety and shakiness. Rather than indulging in a vice before your big moment, opt to hydrate yourself with a glass of water or cup of tea. While this might not be as hard hitting as a cup of coffee or a cigarette, the healthy effects of water last longer and are less harmful to your body. A simple glass of water before going on stage can help performers feel less agitated and more focused.

These are a few simple ways to overcome performance anxiety and there are many more that can help. Make sure to find the one that works best for you and you’ll find yourself going on with the show in no time. Remember – if you do make a mistake, the only person who is aware of it is you, so go with the flow and break a leg!

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