According to a study 65% of people believed that the audio and lighting effects in an event are important to the atmosphere of the performance. Whether this is a band, gig, theatrical performance or dance show, the lighting and sound are important factors to consider if you are planning a live event. Without a good sound system, people will lose interest in the show and it could be a failure.

The sound equipment is vital in any event that needs to make someone heard. The speakers need to be appropriate for the decibels and they need to be strategically placed to avoid echoes and accomplish the best type of sound. Theatre and audio engineers will know how to best achieve results in both an open outside space and an indoor arena.

One technician said, “I’ve been working on theatre stage lighting in Manchester and theatre stage sound systems in Manchester for around ten years. Every space is different, and needs expert knowledge to ensure that every level is taken care of. You also need people on hand whilst the event is taking place to tackle any last minute issues or problems. There are so many dimensions to designing the lighting and audio for an event because every single venue is unique and has different requirements that need to be taken into account.”