Live events are taking place more now than ever before, with even more shows being put on this Christmas season as carol singing concerts, pantomimes and church services are running up and down the country.

The popularity of comedy events has also increased by around 30% in the last decade, with live comedy gigs being set up by stand up comedians and comedy duos in popular venues across the UK.

Concerts are also well overbooked as many people like to go and see their favourite acts perform in venues such as the O2. These are also a popular choice in the Christmas season as people often buy tickets as gifts for their loved ones. The recent Take That concert sold out in a matter of hours as more people than ever before tried to log on and get tickets.

A theatre technician stated, “I am so pleased that even with the popularity of television, people aren’t discouraged from seeing live events in the flesh, so to speak. It can be a fun evening or day out especially if you are seeing a live event in a city like London. The popularity of live events is very impressive and the diversity of what’s available is also extraordinary. The Fringe festival in Edinburgh is a great example of live events at their best, which runs every summer in Scotland. Anything and everything is on show from street acrobats to comedians to concerts and the talent is incredible.”

Theatres across the country are getting ready for panto season, by installing new theatre sound systems and stage lighting to give audiences a more spectacular show. One stage manager commented “We want to give our audiences a great experience and show them that it is much better than staying in and watching television!”